2. Mai 2016

Our partners

The world of SAP is pretty complex and extensive. Therefore we collaborate with specialized expert companies which enable us to offer you a full coverage for all your business needs.

JT IT-Projects GmbH

SAP Development with passion…for all industries

JT IT-Projects GmbH is offering end to end project support with a strong focus on tailoring / extending SAP’s capabilities through custom extensions and developments.  Also JT IT-Projects work doesn’t stop right after go live.

JT IT-Projects is our preferred SAP development partner.

eXin AG

Partner eXin AG - Analytics & CRM

BI analytics & CRM
eXin AG is focussed on process and technology consultancy in the area of analytics, big data and customer relationsship management (CRM). They are specialized in conceptualization and implementation of complex business key performance indicators.

eXin AG
Im Leuschnerpark 4
D-64347 Griesheim